»We are ABOUT to be friends« is the motto of the first ABOUT Independent Publishing Fair in Hamburg. This fair for small publishing houses and self-publishers that work within the fields of art and design is taking place on Sunday 30th of September 2012 as a framework program of the »Joy of Graphic Design« Festival.

Located on the spacious premises in a warehouse building at the Oberhafen in Hamburg, ABOUT offers more than 150 square meters for the presentation and sale of a great variety of publications and facilitates exchange and dialogue with like-minded people as well as the general public.

Open doors

Sunday – 12.00 pm till Open End


1%ofone (Hamburg) – www.oneofone-verlag.com
A3 Format (Serbia) – www.facebook.com/A3.format
AKV Berlin (Berlin) – www.akvberlin.com
Album-Magazin (Frankfurt) – www.album-magazin.de
Alephs Studio (Leipzig) – www.alephs-studio.com
Andrea Bayer (Hamburg) – www.andreabayer.tumblr.com
Artzines (Berlin) – www.artzines.de
Bird-Magazin (Mainz) – www.bird-magazine.de
Cake Publishing (Mainz) – www.cakepublishing.com
Die Nacht Magazin (Trier) – www.dienacht-magazine.com
Die Rote Trude (Trier) – www.die-rote-trude.de
Edition Happy Birthday (CH) – www.editionhappybirthday.ch
Edition Taube (Stuttgart) – www.editiontaube.de
Erdgeschoss Verlag (Hamburg) – www.erdgeschoss-verlag.de
Fluut (Trier) – www.fluut.de
From Me To You Publications (Belgium) – www.frommetoyoupublications.wordpress.com
Gloria Glitzer (Berlin) – www.gloriaglitzer.de
Gudberg (Hamburg) – www.gudberg.de
Hauptsache Hässlich (Mainz) – www.hauptsachehaesslich.de
HAW Hamburg (Hamburg) – www.haw-hamburg.de
Homepark Press (Hamburg) – www.homeparkpress.com
Horizonte (Weimar) – www.facebook.com/horizonte.weimar
Idea Books (NL) – www.ideabooks.nl
Jung+Wenig (Berlin) – www.jungundwenig.com
Kann Verlag (Frankfurt) – www.kann-verlag.de
KesselsKramer Publishing (NL) – www.kesselskramerpublishing.com
Kugelnest (Hamburg) – www.kugelnest.de
Luks Magazin (Hamburg) – www.luksmagazin.de
Nicht Jetzt (Hamburg) – www.nichtjetzt.com
Parallel Universe + others (Mainz) – www.kicsi-kati.tumblr.com
Prima Publications (Mainz) – www.prima-publications.com
Quintessenz (Hannover) – www.quintessenz-creation.com
Rang und Namen (Weimar) – www.rangundnamen.org
Ranokel (Hamburg) – www.ranokel.de
Revolver Publishing (Berlin) – www.revolver-books.de
Ruiné Magazin (Mainz) – www.ruine-magazin.de
Schwarzfuchs (Hamburg) – www.schwarzfuchs.de
ShakeYourTree (Berlin) – www.syt-edition.net
Some Magazin (Halle) – www.somemag.com
Sova Magazin (Bremen) – www.sova-magazine.com
Stadtlichh (Hamburg) – www.stadtlichh-magazin.de
Superkraft (Hamburg) – www.superkraft.me
Super Spitze Prima Toll (Weimar) – www.superspitzeprimatoll.de
TBooks (Köln) – www.tbookscologne.blogspot.de
TFGC Publishing (Düsseldorf) – www.tfgc-publishing.com
The Beardshop (Hamburg) – www.thebeardshop.de
The Flesh (Hamburg) – www.theflesh.tk
This is a Bookshop (Bremen) – www.thisisabookshop.com
V.E.B. Freie Brandstiftung (Mainz) – www.brand-stiftung.net
Zweizehn (Mainz) – www.zweizehn.com





The »ABOUT«-Fair Hamburg is represented by

Ceyhun Güney, Sebastian Zimmerhackl & Emanuel Tessema

Supported by

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